Monday, June 20, 2011

20 Awesome Free Songs

A compilation of some of my favourite songs that can be downloaded for free. Most songs come packaged in an album while others can be downloaded seperately. 0:00 “Brick Challenge” (Grappling Head Songs) – Grape Digging Sharon Fruits 0:35 “For Closure” (Under The Table Tennis) – Tim Fite 1:12 “Masquerade” (Masquerade) – The Nuri 1:51 “Applecore” (Melt) – Stegosaurus Trap 2:34 “Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire” (Reminiscience) – Ugress 3:06 “Six Million Dead Punks Can’t Be Wrong (Punk’s Not Dead)” (Songs For A Small Stereo.) – Jacob Borshard 3:43 “Katoku Pokus” (Bit Collapse) – Ninja 9000 4:19 “Little Echoes” (Invisible Women) – The Womb 4:57 “Lost Root land” (Mangled Tape Memories) – Locust Toybox 5:18 “Little Bear” (Hollywood) – Popcorn Kid! 5:50 “Geeks” (Nordland) – Binärpilot 6:26 “Checksum Panic Dance” (Mangled Tape Memories) – Locust Toybox 7:06 “Messy Bones” (Grappling Head Songs) – Grape Digging Sharon Fruits 7:47 “Mechanical Company Orchestra” (Shul) – Nebular Spool 8:33 “Innertube” (Minature Maze) – Stegosaurus Trap 9:09 “Cartape Memo” (Mangled Tape Memories) – Locust Toybox 9:48 “Taxeby Morris” (It’s Way Past Your Bedtime) – Grape Digging Sharon Fruits grapediggers

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